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The Ontario Fire Code requires a Fire Safety Plan for many properties and businesses. A Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective utilization of fire safety systems, equipment and procedures in a building to protect people from fire.


Safety Media's fire safety plans typically include:

  • Building and Resource Audit
  • Emergency Procedures, including occupants, emergency procedure signs, and fire extinguishment control and refinement
  • Control of Fire Hazards
  • Definition of the responsibilities of building owners, property managers and other persons controlling the property , including supervisory personnel
  • Evacuation of persons requiring assistance
  • Fire Drill Procedures
  • Maintenance procedures for fire protection systems and alternate measures for life safety
  • Building Schematics
  • Appendices: including fire watch, fire alarm activation and reset procedures, elevator operating instructions, tenant fire safety handouts.
  • Please note: many municipal fire departments charge a fire safety plan submission fee which is not included in any Safety Media pricing unless specifically noted.

When you order a fire safety plan for Safety Media, you will receive a fire department approved paper copy of the plan along with PDF and DOCX format electronic versions and AutoCAD drawings. Any changes you make to these documents after approval by the fire department implies that Safety Media is no longer the document author and has no further responsibility for the fire safety plan. However, we would be more than happy to help you make any future changes and work with the fire department to get them approved.

The fire code has different requirements for different building types. Please call us at (416) 675-6675 or email us at to get a custom fire safety plan quote for your building.

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